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CatchX Mini GPS Bait Boat

CatchX Mini GPS Bait Boat is a innovative tool for modern anglers seeking precision and flexibility. This lightweight and compact GPS fishing bait boat features an ultra-quiet motor, accurate GPS navigation, and an intuitive app with autopilot capabilities. With a 2kg bait capacity, a range of up to 400 meters, and a 2-hour runtime powered by a 7500mAh lithium battery, the GPS fishing boat offers impressive performance. The failsafe return feature ensures peace of mind, while compatibility with multiple sonar systems (sold separately) enhances your fishing strategy. Sleek and user-friendly, the CatchX Mini GPS Bait Boat is a must-have for any serious angler.

ETA:July 15th

£699£749 (VAT Included)

Maximum deduction of £375 with loyalty points.

Discount Father's Day Special GET AN EXTRA BATTERY FOR FREE

Available to the United Kingdom and Europe

Lightweight and compact

Ultra-quiet motor

Accurate GPS

Intuitive APP & Autopilot

Failsafe Return

Capacity: 2kg

Range: 250 with app; 400 with remote control

Runtime: 2hrs( Lithium Battery 7500mAh)

Sonar arm compatible with multiple sonar (can be purchased separately)

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ETA:July 15th

UK Local Storage & Repair
CatchX Mini GPS Bait Boat
Mini Boat for the Trophy Carp!
Capacity Up to
1.5 KG
250 / 400 M
Mapping Modes
(under good condition)
Autopilot Precision Up to
Wifi / Bluetooth
Spot Saving
Failsafe Return

Meet the CatchX Mini GPS Bait Boat

Joystick Joy With Ease

Yet Rugged

2 H
The mini GPS bait boat can be lifted with just one finger.
Don't let its small size fool you—it's crafted to withstand rigours of your angling adventures.

Stealth Mode,
Sneak Up on Success

Wind Resistance
Up to Level 5
With its silent motors and sleek design, the CatchX Mini GPS Bait Boat ensures agile, swift and silent glides on the water, even at night. Release your bait and rig in silence and no worries about spooking the fish off!

Reach New Horizons with A Peace of Mind

App control up to
250m / 275 yd
Remote control up to
400m / 440 yd
Concerned about your bait boat being stranded due to drained batteries or lost connection?
Fear not! The failsafe feature of the CatchX Mini GPS bait boat ensures you steer clear of these mishaps. Stay in control even when unexpected challenges arise.

Tap, Swipe, Fish!

The intuitive Rippton Boat App offers streamlined control over the CatchX Mini GPS bait boat. Just tap and swipe, and you're set!
Memorize Every Moment
Rippton's breakthrough innovation in May 2016. The App features of Rippton smart fishing tackle have been embraced by thousands of anglers. The Rippton Boat App allows you to mark and log unlimited spots, tracking every detail of your exploration: catches, underwater structures, and fish travel paths.
What's More?
Fun voice packs offered Multilingual support: English, French, German

GPS Precision Perfected

Drop the Bait with Precision up to 1M GPS
Leverage the R10 chip's advanced multi-system satellite technology, which receives signals from Galileo, GPS, and BeiDou. Once the number of satellites exceeds 30, the CatchX Mini GPS bait boat achieves pinpoint accuracy within 1M—an exceptional performance for high-end bait boats. Its advanced control system and robust design, 1000+ tested against water flow conditions, ensure stability in choppy waters and whipping wind.
Electronic Anchor:No Drift, All in Control
Experience the next level of innovation with the CatchX Mini GPS bait boat! After completing an autopilot task or returning home, the CatchX Mini GPS bait boat switches to electronic anchor mode—which is typically reserved for large vessels—through the powerful control system and multi-system coordination, the dual silent motors provide continuous gentle propulsion—keeping the boat precisely in your desired spot even in rough weather.
Calibrate and Conquer
Get perfect precision in seconds! Easier way to calibrate for better precision. Just put the bait boat on a flat surface and tap the calibration button — minimal satellite drift in sight.

Power Up Your Fish Finder

Note:The sonar features are FREE but the fish finder and Rippton sonar arm needs to be purchased separately
Split Screen Control for Your Bait Boat and Fish Finder
Dual Connection Solution to the App: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi APP Connection within a Blink
· only available on Android mobile devices or iPad
Mark and Save Carp Hotspots Limitlessly
For any fish detected, mark the spot at any time on the map.
It's never been easier to
drop bait precisely
where it counts.

Aftersale Support & Community

12-month warranty for local repair and aftersale support
Join our dedicated Facebook Community for enquiries, sales, support and meeting like-minded anglers!

Product Details

  • Boat
  • Weight Inc Battery:    2.8 kg
  • Dimensions:    H21.3cm*W31.4cm*L48.2cm
  • Number of Hoppers:    1 hopper
  • Max Speed:    1m/s
  • Range:    400 meters for remote control; 250 meters for app control
  • Hopper Capacity:    1.5kg
  • Run Time on a Full Charge:    2hrs continuous play time (calm water)
  • Boat lights:    1 front white; 1 rear red
  • Operating Temperature:    -10~45℃
  • Storage Temperature:    -20~25℃ (15 months)
  • Radio Frequency:    2.4GHZ
  • Waterproof Level:    Top: splash resistant / Bottom: fully waterproof.
  • Battery Type:    Li-ion Battery Pack
  • Capacity:    7500mAh * 1
  • Voltage:    7.4V
  • Autopilot with Map:    Free
  • Full-Featured APP:    Free
  • Remote
  • Frequency:    2.4GHZ
  • Play Time:    3hrs continuous play time
  • Waterproof Level:    No
  • Battery Type:    18650 1S 1P
  • Capacity:    3200mAh
  • Voltage:    3.7V
In the Package
  • User manual * 1
  • CatchX Mini GPS bait boat * 1
  • Remote control * 1
  • Battery * 1
  • Charger for boat battery * 1
  • Charger for remote control * 1
  • Adaptor cable for charging * 1
  • Short antenna for boat * 1
  • Long antenna for remote * 1



The CatchX Mini GPS is smaller in size compared to the CatchX Pro and CatchX Black models, and features a single hopper. While it doesn't come equipped with a fish finder, it offers additional functionalities, such as Bluetooth connection.
Yes, it's recommended to use a Wi-Fi extender to avoid interference between the fish finder and the bait boat. This ensures optimal performance, especially when operating at extended ranges.
The bait boat will automatically return when the battery voltage falls below the low voltage alarm value you've set, or in case of signal loss.
Yes, all features of the app are available for free.
No, the sonar arm needs to be purchased separately.
Stay updated by joining our dedicated Facebook group where we announce sales and discounts regularly.
CatchX Mini GPS is designed for easy and intuitive operation. Plus, we provide video tutorials for quick setup and usage.


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