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A lot of anglers have long been facing a problem of how to cast further to reach the fish which are hiding beyond casting distance. In order to send out your bait over a long distance, a lot of anglers would need to have a kayak or a boat. Having considered all the obstacles, Rippton has therefore come up with the best surf fishing drone models and provides the best drone for fishing for sale. With the help of the best surf fishing drone, you can:
1. Go fishing in hardly reachable places, where bringing a kayak or a boat is not possible.
2. The fly fishing drone can even drop your bait in any water condition without scaring out fish that are on the water surface. If you are using a kayak or a boat, this would have been a problem.
3. Our drones for fishing are light and mobile, allowing you to bring them to more fishing spots.
4. The cost of keeping a fishing drone is cheaper than a kayak.
5. With the surf fishing drone, you can cast your fishing line to far distances easily without the risk of getting into the water, especially in the cold weather.
A surf fishing drone’s payload is how much load it can carry while still flying steadily and safely. The best fishing drone for sale would be one that can carry more than its own weight (such as additional baited hooks) unless you are using it solely for taking pictures and searching purposes. Getting a surf fishing drone with high load-bearing ability can help with your fishing outings as you use them to drop bait and attract fish nearby. As carrying heavy things will drain the battery and diminish the flying time, please remember to only attach what you need.
Waterproof Design
If you want your surf fishing drone to be more durable, you should buy fishing drone model with a waterproof design. Without waterproof designs, they would be damaged easily when you fly fishing drone over the water. In this case, your surf fishing drone will stop to function immediately. Therefore, the ideal drone for fishing for sale should have an extremely good waterproof design.
A Good Camera
A perfect drone for fishing for sale should have a good camera which can show you the surf fishing drone’s perspective and allow you to pick the best spot for bait releasing and let you discover the surrounding waters for possible catches. A good camera will give you the best visibility while you fly fishing drone, so the camera itself should have detailed resolution mounted on a stabilising system for high-quality imaging. It should also come with a remote control with an LCD screen so as to give you access to the first-person view. Without the built-in camera, the surf fishing drone has very little use other than for fishing.
Battery life of the fly fishing drone Another criterion to look for when considering a drone for fishing for sale is the battery life. Fishing is about patience, so a short battery life is definitely one of the most challenging problems when you fly fishing drone. Better battery life-spans will allow anglers to spend as much time as they want during the whole fishing process. The most ideal case would be having more than enough time to get to your perfect fishing spot location to drop your cast and make it safely back home.
You should also pay attention to the control range of the drone for fishing for sale before you buy them. You will be able to keep an eye on its range when you are fishing if you know the length of your fishing line. If you are planning for ocean fishing, knowing how far your fly fishing drone can travel would be a good idea, as you may want one with a longer range. However, if you are planning on fishing in rivers, the maximum range of your drone for fishing may not be too much of an issue and a short range can be ideal too.
1、Ensure it is legal to use a fly fishing drone in your area. In some countries, the use of drones is severely restricted, while some places have even completely banned the use of fly fishing drones.
2、Ensure the batteries are completely charged and the surf fishing drone is in a good flying condition. A mid-air malfunction could cause the wrong judgement.
3、Do not fly in extreme weather conditions, which could affect your controlling capacity, and may send your surf fishing drone into an unwanted obstacle.
4、Be aware of birds. Some bigger birds may attack drones, causing disastrous consequences on both your fly fishing drone and the bird. Be respectful to the winged animals and they will respect your fishing drones.
5、Do not fly your fishing drone close to other anglers, or anywhere the other anglers have dropped their fishing lines. No one would like their lines tangled with someone else’s, nor being distracted during their peaceful fishing moments.
6、The vibrations and shadows of your fly fishing drone can spook the fish. Keeping a safe distance of at least 10M above the water would be good for the sea animals.
7、Ensure you have read the instruction manual carefully and can master it before you fly fishing drone.
Currently we have the MOBULA and SharkX fly fishing drone for sale, the CatchX bait boat and Luremate fishing tracker, while the CatchX Mini and CatchX Pro bait boats will be released soon.
The MOBULA is specially designed as a drone for fishing professionally. This drone model includes a built-in camera for capturing fly fishing drone shots, berley/fishing line release devices, an LCD screen controller, as well as a mobile device clamp. The most featured functions of this best surf fishing drone are the ability to do auto-casting and the berley/fishing line release.
The SharkX fishing drone is a smaller and lighter generation compared to the MOBULA, which specializes in increasing the rate of anglers to hook a giant fish from the deep. High-definition video can also be recorded with the integrated camera. The camera angle can even be adjusted during flight.
In addition to fishing drone for sale, Rippton also provides an exclusive app bringing together all the fans of fishing worldwide, in which they could share their tips on how to use the best fishing drone for fishing, as well as share spots, catches and stories. The app also hosts activities and competitions to engage with all the fly fishing drone enthusiasts. A community is built for anglers worldwide to connect with each other, and share their catches with the best fishing drone. All the Rippton devices like surf fishing drone, bait boat and fish finder can be controlled on the app; making your fly fishing drone even smarter.
Buy fishing drone here and download the app to enjoy more than fishing.
1.In order to avoid spooking the fish with propeller wash vibrations on the water surface, you should fly fishing drone at least 30 ft above the water level.
2.If you are scouting fish from a moving boat, please make sure you have disabled the Return to Home function or set the drone to return to the controller, instead of the take-off point.
3.You should practice catching the drone in mid-air when bringing it down to land instead of trying to land on a sandy beach or a boat deck.
4.You should use the fishing drone as a tool to for learning about the topography of the sea area in which you are fishing. Taking note of key features can help you spot the fish you desire.
5.You should search your desired fish along perimeter areas, such as shoreline, color-change lines, weed lines, sandbars or underwater rock formations, etc.
6.You should use the fishing drone as a tool for learning about fish patterns and behaviour. Taking note of where they like to show up can help you succeed more easily.
7.You should put the drone up for making positioning adjustments or for initial reconnaissance.
8.When you buy fishing drone, you should buy at least one more spare battery, or preferably two to three. This can allow a longer flight time you need on your fishing trips.

Buy the best fishing drone for sale
Inspired by photography drones and driven by a desire to put tech at the center of the angling experience, Rippton is the industry leading professional fishing company, providing the best fishing drone for sale. We aim to utilize the cutting-edge technologies to make fishing smarter and a better experience for anglers, while maintaining the fun of fishing. Using a drone for fishing is not only revolutionary in the way we fish, it also offers exciting fishing moments and opportunities for all anglers, whether in small bays, in harbour channels, or even at reefy spots as well.
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