Ningbo Pelican Smart Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
No.16, Yongchang Road, Chengdong Industrial Park, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China

Zip Code: 315000

Tel: +86 0574 87399966


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Reimagined Hardcore Technology

Upgraded chip and PCBA
Don’t mistake CatchX Black Samurai as a black, two-hopper version of CatchX. With improved chips and PCB boards, it delivers beefed-up performance in signal transmission and control agility. It’s the ideal GPS bait boat that you’ll never regret having.

Get ahead with your angling.

GPS & Autopilot
Preset the spots on your phone and CatchX Black Samurai bait boat will drop bait within just one metre of your target area automatically. The higher the accuracy is, the faster the bite comes.

Fully loaded attraction for the carp

3kg bait capacity over two hoppers
CatchX black Samurai can load up to 3kg bait over two individual hoppers, offering just enough baiting options, large bait capacity and smooth bait release.

As far as your fishing ambition goes.

Exceptional 800m range
Steer your bait boat to a baiting spot at an extraordinary distance of 800m away from the bank! This will extend the potential fishing area and the window of catching a fish!

Never miss your honey hole.

Save as many spots as you like
No need to compromise when it comes to the opportunities of landing a carp. Feel free to keep records of as many as fishing spots on the Rippton fishing app, which will facilitate your next sessions.

Always stay elegant.

One-handed remote & auto-calibration
Ever troubled by a chunky, oversized remote? The one-handed remote controller will free the other hand to hold a cup of tea, your rod or anything you want. What’s more, calibration can now be completed within several graceful automatic rotations.

Worry-free system

Fail-safe & one-key return
Have you ever worried that your newly purchased bait boat drift away from the bank because the battery is running low? That will never happen to CatchX black Samurai as it will automatically return to the home spot in case of low battery or weak signal connection. Or by just pressing the RTH button, you can send it back anytime.

Futuristic glow

Meet the carbon fiber skin
The newly upgraded carbon-fiber material endows CatchX Black Samurai with a futuristic look and greater durability.

OTA ensures your bait boat is always cutting-edge.

Over-the-air updates
Experience the latest and greatest that fishing technology has to offer with CatchX Black Samurai. Thanks to OTA updates, your bait boat is always up-to-date with the latest features and brings you a cutting-edge fishing experience.

Seize the day? The night too!

Unique light indicator system
Equipped with the unique light indicator system, the CatchX Black Samurai bait boat supports you to distinguish the driving direction and facilitates use in the dark.

Fishing Smart

Take you fishing trip to the next level
Record Fishing Spots: Users can use the app to mark and save fishing spots, including the location, bait used, and their catches. This feature makes it easy for users to keep track of successful fishing locations and replicate their success in the future.
Navigate with Ease: Users can set a spot and the CatchX Black Samurai will navigate automatically to the desired spot, making it easier for users to focus on fishing.
Bait Dropping: Users can set a task with the app, and their CatchX Black Samurai will drop bait at the desired spots automatically in one journey. This feature is useful for users who want to try different bait in different locations.
Check Weather Forecast: The app allows users to check the weather forecast for their fishing location, ensuring they are prepared for any weather conditions they may encounter while fishing.

CatchX Black GPS Bait Boat

· Precise, agile and persevering
· Baiting the smart way

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