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SharkX Fishing Drone

Waterproof Drone for Fishing

Rippton SharkX is a waterproof fishing drone with 18min Max flight time, 12m/s wind resistance, 1km Max range, 3kg playload capacity, and IP66 fully waterproof.

Available to the United States and New Zealand

Max Flight Time: 18 MIN

Wind Resistance: 12 M/S

Max Range: 1 KM

Payload Capacity: 3KG


SharkX Surf Fishing Drone with Bait Release

Some Key Numbers:
Unlock your fishing potential with Rippton SharkX Fishing Drone - the ultimate waterproof drone for fishing enthusiasts! With an impressive 18-min Max Flight Time, you can fly this fishing drone confidently throughout your fishing adventure. Its 12 M/S Wind Resistance ensures that it can handle the toughest weather conditions while the 1 KM Max Range allows you to explore beyond your usual fishing spot. Plus, it can carry up to 3KG Payload Capacity, making it the perfect companion for your fishing gear. Don't let your fishing experience be limited by the shore - take your fishing to the next level with the SharkX Fishing Drone.
18 min
Max Flight Time
3 KG
Payload Capacity
Simple and Fun
12 m/s
Wind Resistance
Overloading Alert
Ensured Safety
Cloud Storage
Safe Forever
1 km
Max Range
Fully Waterproof
SharkX Waterproof Fishing Drone for Sale

New Upgrade Model from Mobula Fishing Drone - SharkX

The SharkX waterproof drone is an upgraded version of the highly acclaimed Mobula, making it the best waterproof drone for fishing enthusiasts. This fishing drone is equipped with a camera and a bait release system, allowing for precise and efficient bait dropping. With its impressive 18-minute maximum flight time and wind resistance of up to 12 m/s, anglers can cover a larger area and overcome challenging weather conditions. The SharkX bait dropping drone has a maximum range of 1 km, providing ample freedom to explore and locate fish. Additionally, its modular design enables easy component replacement, ensuring convenience and durability for long-term use as a fishing drone.
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Product Details
  • Dimensions: 480X480X215mm
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Max speed: 10m/s
  • Propellor size: 16''
  • Max payload: 3kg
  • Remote range: 1km
  • IP class: IP66
  • Battery: 6000mAh Lipo 6S 25.2V
In the Package
  • Sharkx Drone *1
  • Remote Control *1
  • Mobile Holder *1
  • Propeller * 6 (CW *3 & CCW *3)
  • Drone Battery *1
  • Battery Charger *1
  • Remote Control Charger *1
  • Battery Capacity Checker*1
  • Manuals *2
  • Neck Lanyard *1
  • Propeller Pouch*1
  • Propeller Box*1
  • Protective Carry Case*1
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Customer Reviews

5 product ratings
Shawn Davis
16 Apr 2023
Crikey, have I caught some beauties with this shark fishing drone! It's lightweight, compact, and can be controlled from my mobile device. This means I don't have to lug around heavy equipment in the Aussie heat. Just set it up, fly it out, and reel in those big boys!
11 Mar 2023
This shark fishing drone is a game-changer! The drone's tough exterior and splash-proof camera make it an essential tool on my Florida Keys fishing trips.
10 Feb 2023
This shark fishing drone has helped me do just that by reducing the number of lines I have to cast out into the water. It's efficient, easy to use, and helps me catch only the fish I need.
23 Dec 2022
A darn good investment! I've used it down a couple times now and it's brought back some serious hauls. Ain't nothing like fishing with technology!
19 Nov 2022
G'day mate! This shark fishing drone is an absolute ripper! Had a bit of a rough start gettin' it up and running, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to snag a 15-foot whopper out in the surf. Couldn't be happier with this purchase!
Best Waterproof Drone For Fishing - Rippton Sharkx
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