Ningbo Pelican Smart Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
No.16, Yongchang Road, Chengdong Industrial Park, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China

Zip Code: 315000

Tel: +86 0574 87399966


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The Most Robust and Inexpensive Fishing Drone


Compared to MOBULA, this completely new generation of SharkX fishing drone can better suit the needs of every fishing enthusiast. The 800m casting range and superior 3kg payload capacity increases the rate of land-based anglers to hook a giant fish from the deep. You can even record high-definition video of your bait casting with the integrated, waterproof, tilt-gimballed 1080p camera which provides live as well as recorded video footage and allows the camera angle to be adjusted during flight.


Product Details

  • Dimensions:    600*600mm
  • Weight:    3.0kg
  • Propeller Size:    16inch
  • Max Range:    800m
  • Max Image Transmit Range:    800m
  • Max Payload Capacity:    3kg
  • Max Flight Time:    20min
  • Flight Time With Max Payload:    5min
  • Max Speed:    65km/h
  • Max Wind Resistance:    40km/h
  • Hovering Precision:    ±1m
  • Protection Level:    IP67
  • Satellite Systems:    GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO
  • Flight Mode:    AUTO (APP control), Manual & RTH
  • Motor:    40.6mm*14mm 400kv
  • Operating Temperature:    -10℃~60℃
Remote Controller
  • Screen Size:    0.96inch
  • Operating Frequency:    2.4GHz
  • Range:    800m
  • Battery:    2S 3200mAh Lipo
  • Operating Temperature:    -10℃~60℃
SharkX Smart Battery
  • Capacity:    6250mAh
  • Voltage:    25.2V
  • Battery Type:    6S Lipo
  • Charging Time:    2.5h
Package including
  • SharX Fishing Drone *1
  • SharkX Remote Controller *1
  • Charger For SharkX *1
  • Charger For SharkX Remote Controller *1
  • User Manual *1

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