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Question 1: What does the CatchX Pro package include?


The CatchX Pro package includes a Pro bait boat, a Hydrobat fish finder, 2 batteries and a self-adaptive fish finder mount, 1 remote control, 2 chargers, 2 aerials.

Question 2: What’s the difference between the CatchX Pro and the CatchX Black Samurai?


They’re both GPS bait boats with autopilot function. The Pro comes with a fish finder named “Hydrobat”, while the Black doesn’t come with a fish finder. The RC ranges of the Pro and the Black are 300m and 800m respectively.

Question 3: Does the sonar mount in the package fit Deeper?



Question 4: Where can I purchase a Pro/Black Samurai and how long does the delivery take?


The Pro/Black Samurai is available on Rippton online store, and the shipping usually needs 2-5 business days if you’re in the UK.

Question 5: Can I schedule a pickup?


Currently pickup is not available. But soon, we’ll have products available in shops, by then you can directly buy from shops.

Question 6: Where in the UK can the boat be sent if there’s a problem?


You will get continued support from Rippton since the date of purchase. If you experience issues with your boat, please send an email to Our service team will assist you in troubleshooting till the issues are fixed. If your boat needs to be serviced, they will send you instructions regarding delivering your boat back to our service centre in the UK.

Question 7: Is there a deal available?


Please first join the Rippton CatchX Bait Boat group on FB and PM ‘Neil Rippton’ for a coupon code or send messages via Livechat on the website. He would help apply for discount codes for group members who are interested in purchasing.

Question 8: Do you do finance?


We don’t do finance atm. However, if you have a Paypal account, you may choose Pay in 4 as your payment method when checking out with PayPal. Then you will be taken through the application process. You will get a decision instantly but not everyone will be approved based on Paypal internal checks. If you require help, please consult Paypal:

Question 9: Can I buy the Hydrobat fish finder separately? Can I use it on the CatchX Black and the CatchX?


The Hydrobat fish finder will be available for purchase on Rippton online store. You can use it on the Black and the CatchX but the range will be 80-100m, while the range when used with the Pro is 300m.

Question 10: How many batteries does the Pro run on? How long is the battery life on a full charge?


On TWO batteries. The battery can last for about 2.5 hours on a full charge.

Question 11: Where can I order extra batteries?


Question 12: How accurate is the GPS of CatchX Pro / CatchX Black Samurai?


The precision varies between 50cm-2m depending on the differences in the number and quality of satellites.

Question 13: Do you make a bag to carry the bait boat?


Yes. We do one carry bag and it’s available for purchase on Rippton online store:

Question 14: What should be done if the Pro boat does not connect to the remote control?


Please make sure both the boat and the remote control have started up successfully. Generally speaking, it takes 40 to 75 seconds for the boat to automatically connect to the remote control. If connection failed, please switch both devices off and back on and try again. If it turns out that they would not connect to each other, please ask for support by sending an email to

Question 15: What should be done if a hopper door does not fully open?


This is usually because the door is overtightened. You may try to loosen the screws to make slight adjustments and re-tighten properly. If this does not work, please ask for support by sending an email to

Question 16: Can the Hydrobat fish finder be used on other Rippton bait boats than the CatchX Pro?


Yes, the Hydrobat fish finder can also be used on the CatchX and the CatchX Black Samurai. However, the signal may drop after about 60 metres.

Question 17: Why does the Hydrobat not connect to the CatchX Pro boat, while both devices can connect to the Rippton app?


Always connect the sonar to the app before connecting the CatchX Pro bait boat to the app. Check if the SSID code is correctly entered – every 0 in the SSID code should be zero instead of O (for Oscar). For your reference, please closely follow the instructions in this video tutorial:

Question 18: Is there any way to skip the 1st spot and go directly to the 2nd spot when using the joystick for the GPS?


No, you can only do that on the app.

Question 19: Can I use the Rippton app on the iPad instead of iPhone?


We have already started developing a version fully compatible with the iPad, but before it’s released, we strongly recommend you use an iPhone for the best experience.


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