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StellarLight δ 365 Head Light

This Rippton StellarLight δ 365 Head Light is the ultimate outdoor headlight designed to enhance your night fishing trip or adventure. This head torch comes with gesture sensing control, allowing you to light it up without touching the lamp. It offers personalized brightness to suit any situation, with white, green, and red lighting options to cater to your specific needs. The StellarLight δ 365 Head Lamp is not just a fishing headlight, it's a versatile tool with an adjustable angle feature to light up any corner when you need. You can conveniently clip it on your hat or wear it directly. It comes with a rechargeable battery with extended life, ensuring long battery life for those extended fishing trips. This weatherproof head lamp is designed to withstand harsh conditions and even has an SOS mode for safety. Upgrade your gear with the StellarLight δ 365 Head Light, the perfect companion for every outdoor adventure enthusiast.

£35.9£39.9 (VAT Included)

Discount 10% OFF - Father's Day Special

Available to the United Kingdom

White & Red & Green LED

Max Lumen: 365 lumens (white light)

Weight: 38g (with head band)

Runtime: 40min ~ 200h (5hrs under 190 lumens)

Waterproof IP67

Gesture sensing


Max angle: 120°

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Adventure-Ready Lighting

Your Essential Companion for Outdoor Excursions

StellarLight δ 365 Head Torch

Where Innovation Meets Illumination

One Light for All Your Adventures: Lighting the Way, Anytime, Anywhere

Leisure Mode
Battery life: 200 hrs
Fishing Mode
Battery life: 12 hrs
Adventure Mode
Battery life: 5 hrs
Aurora (Rescue) Mode
Battery life: 40 mins
Gesture Sensing Brilliance
Navigate the Dark with a Wave of Your Hand
Personalized Brightness
Customize Your Light to Suit Any Situation
Versatile Lighting Options
Switch Between White, Green and Red
Adjustable Angle
Light Up Any Corner You Need
Clip It On or Wear It Proudly
StellarLight δ 365 Head Light Adapts to Your Needs
Eco-Friendly Power
Rechargeable Battery with Extended Life - Light Up Your World Sustainably

Weatherproof Wonder

IP67 Rated for All-Weather Reliability
Safety First with SOS Mode
Be Prepared for Any Situation

Confidence in the Dark

StellarLight δ 365 Head Light Is Your Ultimate Outdoor Ally


To effectively use a fishing head torch, headlamp, or headlight for different types of fishing, including carp fishing, consider the following tips:

1. Choose the right fishing headlamp: Look for a headlamp specifically designed for fishing that offers features suitable for your needs. Some fishing headlamps have specific modes for carp fishing, such as green or white lights optimized for low-light conditions.

2. Adjust the beam angle: Most fishing headlamps allow you to adjust the beam angle. For carp fishing, it's best to direct the light slightly downward to illuminate the water near your fishing spot without causing excessive glare.

3. Select the appropriate light color: Depending on the fishing conditions and personal preference, choose the light color that works best for carp fishing. White light is generally versatile, while green light can be effective for attracting fish or spotting lines in low-light situations.

4. Optimize brightness and mode: Adjust the brightness of your fishing headlamp based on the visibility required. Higher brightness settings are useful for casting, rigging, and locating your gear, while lower settings can be sufficient for observing the water or tying knots.

5. Preserve night vision: If you're engaging in carp fishing at night, utilize a fishing headlamp with a red light mode. Red light helps preserve your night vision, making it easier to see without startling or spooking the carp.

6. Consider battery life and backups: Carp fishing often requires long hours, so ensure your fishing headlamp has sufficient battery life to last throughout your fishing session. Additionally, carry spare batteries or have a power backup plan to avoid being left without light.

7. Hands-free convenience: A fishing headlamp allows you to have both hands free while rigging lines, handling bait, or landing fish. Make sure the headlamp fits securely and comfortably to avoid any distractions or discomfort during your fishing activities.

By considering these tips and incorporating the keywords you mentioned, you can effectively use a fishing head torch, headlamp, or headlight for carp fishing or any other type of fishing.
Brightness: The brightness of the outdoor headlight is crucial for providing adequate visibility during nighttime activities. A headlight with at least 150 Lumens is recommended. Rippton StellarLight δ 365 Head Light offers four Lumen levels up to 365 Lumen, covering all your needs for brightness.

Battery life: Opt for headlamps with longer battery life or rechargeable headlamps. Rippton headlamps can last up to 200hrs and come with rechargeable batteries that allow you to charge anytime and anywhere.

Comfort: Choose a headlamp that is comfortable to wear for extended periods. StellarLight δ 365 Head Light only weighs 38g with head straps included, avoiding any pressure. It can also be clipped to your cap with adjustable angles up to 120 degrees.

Durability: Outdoor activities can put a lot of wear and tear on your equipment. The ultimate IP 67 waterproof level of StellarLight δ 365 headlamp allows it to easily survive a 30-minute underwater challenge and function perfectly after it.

Additional features: Some headlamps come with features such as red light mode, gesture sensing mode, or remembrance mode. With wave induction headlamp such as Rippton headlamps, you can just swipe before the light to adjust Lumin level. Consider what features are important to you depending on your intended use.

In conclusion, when it comes to the best outdoor headlights for camping and hiking, Rippton offers a range of options that deliver on performance, durability, and convenience. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a casual camper, our headlights are designed to enhance your outdoor experience.
At Rippton, we believe in providing solutions that enhance safety and convenience in your everyday life. Investing in a head torch, particularly for emergency situations, is a decision that aligns perfectly with this belief.

A head torch, or headlamp as it's often called, is a compact, hands-free lighting device that can be a game-changer during power failures at home. Unlike traditional handheld torches, a head torch allows you to navigate your surroundings with ease, keeping your hands free to perform other tasks. This can be particularly useful in situations where you might need to move objects, open doors, or even provide first aid in the dark.

Our Rippton head torches are designed with high-quality, bright LEDs that provide excellent illumination, making them an ideal emergency light for home use. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to operate, ensuring you can respond quickly and effectively during a power failure.

Moreover, our head torches are built to last with IP67 waterproof design and shockproof design. They are robust and reliable, providing a long-lasting solution that you can depend on in times of need.

In conclusion, investing in a Rippton head torch could be quite helpful during unexpected situations like a home power failure.


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