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Safety Is Our Priority

Bait Weight Detection

Overload Alert

Portable to Go Where You Go
Meet New Friends

Rippion platform provides a unique user communication experience.

A New Generation of Fishing Drones

Environmental Adaptability

SharkX is designed to be a reliable and durable fishing drone with bait release, allowing it to complete fishing missions even in challenging weather conditions. With its IP66 waterproof protection, it can withstand heavy rain, and its 12m/s wind resistance ensures stable flight and precise operation in windy conditions.

Distance Is No Longer a Problem

The SharkX enables you to reach fishing spots previously not accessible by beach fishing, and to cast a long line with ease.

Robust. Bright. Full of might.

Tough Guy

SharkX propellers are made of carbon fiber with high stiffness, temperature tolerance and low noise during the rotation.

Modular. Popular

SharkX is equipped with a modular design, allowing for effortless component replacement.

Meet A New Standard of Waterproof Drone

IP66 fully waterproof attribute supports water surface landing and take-off.

Flight Control System

Powered by Rippton's self-developed Gamma 2 flight control system that is specially tailored for fishing, SharkX can achieve the stability and agility that other fishing drones cannot compare.

Keep Your SharkX Fresh Any Time

Your drone will be continuously upgraded through over-the-air software updates.

Control has never been so easier

Release your bait&rig by just tapping on the screen.
Optimised User Interface

Drone and payload controls can be easily operated within taps. User experience and flight efficiency greatly improved comprehensible display of flight and navigational information.


Autopilot mode will make your fishing mission simple and fun. Drop your bait at designated spots with few touches.

Fishing Smart

Take you fishing trip to the next level
Set Flight Task: With the Rippton app, you can easily set a flight task for your SharkX fishing drone to carry out a fishing mission. This includes flying the drone to the specified fishing spot, releasing and baiting the rig, and returning safely to you.
Instrument Panel: The app displays important flight and navigational information, including details on the drone's location, altitude, and speed, the weight of your bait and the remaining range.
Save Unlimited Fishing Spots: You can save an unlimited number of fishing spots on the app, which allows you to return to them later for continued use. This feature ensures that you never lose track of your favorite fishing spots and have the ability to revisit them with ease.
Check Weather Forecast: You can also check the weather forecast for any upcoming fishing trips. This feature ensures that you are prepared for any adverse weather conditions and helps you plan your fishing trips accordingly.
We've got your back.

Online technical support and local after-sales centers.

Cloud Storage

Save your remarkable fishing spots in the Rippton app and easily access your "treasures" with the same account on different devices. Your digital assets will be safe forever even if your phone is lost.
SharkX Waterproof Fishing Drone for Sale
· Portable & Failsafe
· Wind Resistance
Best Waterproof Drone For Fishing - Rippton Sharkx
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