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Bait Sprays : How to maximise your catch rates

By: Causal Carper


Bait sprays are a great way to boost your hook baits. My spray is made to be an intense flavour to match the hook bait range and make the all-important hook bait stand out. They can also be used to boost any of your baits, from surface baits to spraying your PVA bags before casting.

Lighter in density than a glug, bait sprays won’t add too much weight to your popups or overbalance your wafters. They are a quality tool to have in your tackle box to help get more bites, especially on tricky waters. The spray helps to give an extra zing to your hook bait without affecting the rig.

How to use Bait Sprays

There are a few uses for bait sprays aside from the simple – spray before you cast. This is the most common usage for them and how I personally use them before every cast. This is especially important in winter fishing where you may be fishing singles – the more potent the hook bait the better.

Solid bags

I’m a fan of fishing solid bags and use the spray in the top of the bag once it’s filled. This gives another level of flavour to hit out as soon as the bag melts and can be used in conjunction with other liquids, such as glugs.

Zig Fishing

Bait sprays can be used to boost up hook baits or foam on a zig rig. They are an excellent way to add an extra zing if you are fishing foam on a zig rig.

Spraying hook baits

If you have the time to prepare then you can use my sprays as a soak for your hook baits if you need to keep the lightness of the popup. This is a different method to glugging them and increases the flavour without adding the weight that glug does.

In my experience, the best way to do this is to have a few in a pot, 1 layer of baits so you can spry them all. Give them a couple of sprays, then a shake and then a couple more sprays. Repeat this every couple of days for a week and you’ll have a really potent hook bait that has an extra level of scent. You can also mix up the scents by using a none matching spray – I often use my garlic, tiger nut and peanut spray on my pineapple wafters to give my hook bait a twist and make it stand out more.

Artificial Baits

My bait sprays can also be used on artificial baits such as fake corn or fake tiger nuts. These are usually unflavoured so using a bait spray can give you a real edge underwater.


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