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Best GPS Autopilot Bait Boats 2024: Catch X Pro

By: Nigel Thompson


In the ever-evolving world of carp angling, bait boats have become a hotly debated topic among anglers. Regardless of the controversy surrounding them, one cannot deny their growing popularity and the positive impact they can have on fishing success. Love them or loathe them, bait boats are a fixture in modern angling, offering unique advantages that contribute to a successful day on the water.

catchx pro bait boat

For those seeking the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and affordability, Rippton's Catch X Pro GPS autopilot bait boat stands out as a game-changer in the realm of fishing tackle. Rippton, a rapidly rising name in the industry, has taken a bold step by integrating hardware and software seamlessly into their products, with the Catch X Pro GPS bait boat leading the charge.


GPS Autopilot Bait Boat: Unveiling the Catch X Pro Advantage


Hydrobat Fish Finder


At the forefront of the Catch X Pro's features is the Hydrobat Fish Finder, a technological marvel that connects to your smartphone via the Rippton app. Offering an impressive range of up to 300 meters, this device transforms your fishing experience by providing essential information about the lake bed. Similar to the Deeper Pro 2, the Hydrobat Fish Finder reveals crucial details such as depth, water temperature, and fish locations.


The Hydrobat Fish Finder boasts various modes, from quick scanning for short sessions to detailed mapping for comprehensive lake exploration. It simplifies the scouting process, allowing anglers to focus on strategic decision-making based on bathymetric maps generated by the app.


Navigational Ease


The Catch X Pro ensures seamless control through its user-friendly remote, designed for one-handed operation. The remote features a built-in holder for your phone, enabling you to toggle and use app features effortlessly. Whether you're holding the rod steady while placing rigs or controlling the boat, the intuitive design enhances your angling experience.


Calibrating the boat on the water becomes a breeze with just two buttons on the remote or a quick tap on the app. The boat's automatic calibration and the one-button home feature provide convenience and efficiency. If a bite occurs while maneuvering the boat, the Catch X Pro autonomously navigates back to you, ensuring you won't miss a catch. Additionally, in the event of a low battery, the boat automatically returns home, alleviating any concerns about power depletion.


Stylish and Powerful: The Catch X Pro GPS Autopilot Bait Boat Build


Crafted with a sleek black carbon fiber finish, the Catch X Pro boasts a weight of 5.4kg, making it both stylish and robust. The boat is powered by an 8,000mAh battery, delivering a runtime of up to two and a half hours. For those embarking on longer European sessions, an upgraded 13,400mAh battery option is available, extending the runtime to an impressive three and a half hours.


Featuring two independent hoppers with a dedicated hook release and a substantial 3kg carrying capacity, the Catch X Pro is equipped with two high-performance 7,000rpb industrial engines. This comprehensive package ensures that anglers receive exceptional value for their investment, making the Catch X Pro an attractive choice for those seeking a top-tier GPS autopilot bait boat without breaking the bank.


In the landscape of GPS autopilot bait boats for 2024, the Rippton Catch X Pro stands tall as a beacon of innovation and affordability. With its Hydrobat Fish Finder, intuitive remote control, stylish design, and powerful performance, the Catch X Pro is poised to elevate your angling experience to new heights. Embrace the future of smart fishing tackles with Rippton and make every cast count.


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