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Buying Guides of Bait Boats

By: Allen Jones


When it comes to enhancing your fishing experience, investing in a bait boat can make a significant difference. These technologically advanced devices allow anglers to precisely distribute bait, increasing the chances of attracting fish to their fishing spot. However, with various options available, it's essential to consider specific factors before buying a bait boat. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive buying guide for bait boats, ensuring you make an informed decision and enjoy a successful fishing adventure.


Hopper Size and Configuration of Bait Boats


The hopper is a crucial component of a bait boat as it stores and dispenses bait. When choosing a bait boat, consider the size of the hopper and its configuration. Some bait boats offer large hoppers capable of holding up to 5kg of bait, making them ideal for anglers who prefer to distribute bait quickly. Additionally, you'll come across the option of a single hopper or a double hopper. A single hopper allows you to concentrate your bait in one area, perfect for targeting specific spots. On the other hand, a double hopper enables you to distribute bait in two separate locations, providing versatility in bait placement. Consider your fishing preferences and needs when deciding on the hopper size and configuration that best suits you.


Battery Life and Recharging Options of Bait Boats


Battery life is a vital consideration when purchasing a bait boat. Although advancements in technology have increased battery efficiency, it's still important to assess the run time of a bait boat. Longer sessions or frequent re-baiting may require a bait boat with a longer run time. Smaller bait boats often offer extended battery life due to their lighter weight and smaller battery requirements. Additionally, consider the ease of recharging the batteries. Since most fishing venues lack power supplies, having a bait boat compatible with solar panel chargers can be advantageous for extended fishing trips, ensuring your bait boat remains powered throughout your session.


Range and Additional Features of Bait Boats


The range of a bait boat is another crucial factor to consider. Most bait boats have a range exceeding 200m, providing ample distance for effective bait distribution. However, if you frequently fish near the range limit, opting for a bait boat with a slightly further range can offer peace of mind and prevent the risk of losing control over your boat. Take note of any additional features the bait boat offers, such as in-built echo sounders or fish finder systems. While these features can enhance your fishing experience, they may affect the range of the bait boat. Ensure the range is compatible with the specific features you desire.


Propulsion System and Tangle Prevention of Bait Boats


The propulsion system of a bait boat determines its movement through the water. Jet pumps have become increasingly popular as they minimize disturbance and are less likely to tangle on weeds. Bait boats equipped with jet pumps provide improved maneuverability, allowing you to confidently target shallower waters. However, propellers are still found in some bait boat models due to their energy efficiency, which extends the battery life. High-quality bait boat manufacturers may include weed guards to prevent propeller entanglement, ensuring smooth operation in various fishing environments.


Lights of Bait Boats


Fishing during dawn and dusk can be productive, but it presents challenges when it comes to visibility. Many bait boats now feature LEDs to address this issue. These lights provide clear indications of the bait boat's position in the water, allowing you to navigate accurately. The lights are typically colored differently on the front and back of the bait boat, making it easy to determine its direction. However, it's important to be considerate of other anglers and use the lights sparingly to avoid disturbing the tranquility of the fishing venue.


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