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How to Achieve Different Baiting Patterns with A Bait Boat

By: Unknown



Achieve different baiting situations just by altering your'boat' bait and the speed at which you drop it.



There's so much more to bait boat angling than most people would think – well, good bait boat angling that is!

A lot of anglers assume bait boat fishing is just lazy, but to be good it often takes more time, effort and precision than the standard casting approach! According to Keith Williams who specializes in advanced bait boat skills, there's plenty you can do to give yourself an edge over the next bait boat user when it comes to baiting patterns.



The baited line method

Keith explains: "It's not just a case of pressing a button! To create the spread line presentation, use whole and crushed boilies, as well as small particles like hemp or mini pellets which are light and take longer to hit the lakebed. To create a line and a gap between the hook bait and free offerings, simply drive the boat fast towards the spot and drop the load on a tight line while moving and then feel the lead down as you would on the cast. This will create a line of bait, with a small gap and a separated hook bait. Perfect for a bite from a wised-up larger fish".

Keeping it tight

"There are also situations when a tightly baited area can be highly effective for a quick bite. This set-up is perfect for margins or use in winter time. Using larger, heavier baits like whole boilies or a stodgy spod mix which binds the contents together and ensures it will all fall together onto the same spot. To keep it tight, make sure the boat is stationary when the bait is dropped".





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