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Unveiling the Exceptional Sensitivity of the BiteKeeper Pro Alarm

By: Rippton


The BiteKeeper Pro Alarm has gained a reputation for its exceptional sensitivity. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the device's remarkable sensitivity and its ability to trigger an alarm with just a 0.2 inch line movement.


Before we start, let’s have a look at:

bitekeeper pro bite alarm


How do bite alarms work?

1) When the fishing line moves, it causes the roller of the bite alarm to also move.

2) Magnets on the roller detect these movements and generate changes in the magnetic field.

3) The Hall sensor on the chip detects these magnetic field changes and sends this information to the internal circuitry of the bite alarm.

4) The bite alarm then produces an alert, such as a sound, visual indicator, or vibration.


Why is BiteKeeper Pro more sensitive than other bite alarms on the market?

1)Compact & Compact Roller Mechanism

The compact roller mechanism of the BiteKeeper Pro Alarm plays a crucial role in its high sensitivity. The smaller size of the roller allows it to detect even the smallest movements of the fishing line. For example, when the fishing line moves just 1 centimeter, a larger roller may only make one rotation, while a smaller roller could rotate multiple times. Due to the BiteKeeper's small roller size, it can accurately sense and respond to tiny movements of the fishing line. This precise construction ensures that the alarm promptly triggers when there are even slight vibrations or changes in tension on the fishing line, making it highly sensitive and reliable.


2) Multiple Magnetic Sensors:

To further enhance sensitivity, the BiteKeeper Pro Alarm is equipped with multiple magnetic sensors strategically placed within its detection module. With more magnets incorporated into the design, the magnetic field changes are more easily triggered, increasing the alarm's responsiveness. By utilizing multiple sensors and a higher number of magnets, the device can accurately detect and respond to even the smallest movements of the fishing line, ensuring reliable and timely alerts.


3) PCBA Algorithm for Accurate Detection

While more a smaller roller and more magnets improve the responsiveness of the bite alarm, The advanced algorithm embedded in the PCBA ensures accurate and reliable detection of fish bites.This algorithm filters out irrelevant signals, such as environmental factors (wind or water disturbances), ensuring that alarms are only triggered when there is a genuine fish bite.


The BiteKeeper Pro Alarm's impressive sensitivity is a result of several key factors, including its compact size, precise construction, multiple magnetic sensors, and the incorporation of a sophisticated PCBA algorithm. With a threshold as low as 0.2 inch of line movement, anglers can rely on this advanced bite detection tool to alert them to even the most delicate fish bites.



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