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Using a Bait Boat for Winter Carp Fishing

By: John Sader


Bait boats have become increasingly popular in recent years for carp fishing, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at winter, and how bait boats can be an effective baiting tool, and why you might want to consider using one.


It’s Easy

Using a bait boat is pretty easy, and not only is it easy, your casting accuracy isn’t a concern. Fill up the boat with bait, cruise it over to your picked out baiting spot, or fish run, and dump. It’s that easy. This saves on time and effort when spodding or spombing as well.

Winter Baiting

Baiting in the winter is different compared to the warm water months of the year. Fish eat less and move less. Bait boats in the winter are great at helping anglers take this into consideration.


When keeping your free bait offerings small in the winter you have to cast a spomb or spod right on the spot perfectly the first time, if you don’t you are likely to throw a few times and put too much bait in the swim, this gives the carp free food, and if they eat less in the winter chances are they won’t get to your hook.


By using a bait boat you can drive directly to the spot and dump your small offering of bait in the exact spot the first time, followed up by your actual hooked bait.

Comparable to Traditional Baiting

When it comes to disturbing the water or spooking fish, a bait boat is no different than throwing a spod, spomb or PVA bag out to your baiting spots.


In fact, it could be argued that its less intrusive. Bait boats create noise of course, but its the electric motors spinning the props and is no more intrusive and perhaps even less intrusive than a spod smacking the surface of the water.


In my opinion I would take the noise of a little boat over several large and noisy smacks on the water to areas that hold fish.


Fast Baiting

Running multiple rods and baiting multiple near by areas? A bait boat can help you do this incredibly quickly. If you have baiting locations that are long distances from each other covering multiple swim areas, using traditional methods and measuring distances takes time and precision.


When using a bait boat its as easy as loading up the bait, running it to a spot, dumping and returning to refill, move to the next and repeating. This can allow you to bait up multiple spots rapidly, allowing you to spend less time setting up and more time fishing.



As you can see there aren’t many cons when it comes to using a bait boat over traditional methods. Its not any more intrusive than other baiting methods and its going to be much quicker and more importantly very precise, essentially covering all the bases that are important in fishing, efficiency. Fishing has always and will always be an efficiency game.


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