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1.  Read the battery part of the User Manual of CatchX (or CatchX Pro) and Warnings before using or charging the battery.

2.  Please keep the battery away from any kind of liquid.

3.  NEVER install or remove the battery from the boat when the boat is turned on.

4.  DO NOT use the battery in strong electrostatic or electromagnetic environments.

5.  Stop using or charging the battery immediately whenever it swells up, leaks and its temperature over 40℃ or anything else abnormal occurs.

6.  Do use the charger supplied by Rippton only. Never charge the battery unattended.

7.  Never disassemble, puncture, shock, crash, short and/or put the battery into the fire.

8.  Improper usage, such as short circuit or overcharging, might cause explosion or fire.

9.  Put the battery or pack at a safe place that infants or kids can not reach.

10.  The above suggests the danger of using the battery. The user will take the full responsibility of the result of using this battery.

11.  To avoid decreasing the battery lifetime, the battery should be fully charged every month, as long-term storage will have a negative impact.


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