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Top Lures And Baits For Trout

By: Dan Hemminger


First off, I’m not a fly fisherman. I’m an angler by any means other than flys. I fish rivers and lakes, like any other angler. But I’m not a traditional fisherman. I still scout out my local waters. But I’m always thinking about what lure or bait I would use. Living in Wyoming USA, I have the opportunity to catch multiple species of fish, but I only really target trout. They are my favorite fish. They are beyond beautiful from the smallest ones to the largest ones. Enough about me, let’s get to the top lure and top bait. Please keep in mind these are my favorites and this is how I use them.

Number one. Rapala countdown. 









This is one of my all time favorite lures, you can use this on lakes and rivers. You can have success on either. Rapala makes lots of sizes and colors My favorite size is number seven, in the brown trout pattern. First off when I’m river fishing, I’m not a huge fan of big pools. I’ll usually pass them by in search of faster water. I’ll catch more and bigger fish in or around fast water. Then I ever will in the big pools. After locating water I want to fish, now I’m thinking about where there might be fish. I prefer to cast into deeper section of the river. Bringing the lure back to the shallow water. I will normally cast eight to ten times before moving a few feet. I always work down river. I’m also a huge fan of casting down river and slowly bringing it back up river. Now Rapalas at the lake. I will generally look for rocks or some other kind of structure. Fish love to hide out in rocks and structure. But not always. I will generally cast ten to twelve times before moving. Thenonly a few feet in either direction. I will often cast out to the middle of the lake. But my real success comes from casting parallel with shore. I will do this more than casting towards the middle. Trout love to ambush prey, they also love to stalk prey and wait til the right moment to attack. These are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to ways of fishing with the Rapala countdown.


Number two. Cut baits 








Cut bait is a generic term for using any meat, you cut from a nongame fish. Where I live it is also legal to use parts of game fish. Including eyes and fins. First thing my favorite cut bait is sucker meat. It works awesome for trout, they love it. Now how I use it. I like to cut my bait into triangle shaped pieces. I will put it on a number four size hook, with enough weight to sink it to the bottom. I like to cast it up stream, then let it bounce its way down stream. This is a tried and true method, that has caught me many trout. Large and small. I will also use sucker meat while ice fishing. Putting it on whatever I’m using at the time. Such as jigging spoons or tube jigs and swim baits. Stick with the same triangle shape. If you head out to your local river with some worms, it won’t be difficult to find some suckers. Then you have bait, good bait!


This is my first ever attempt at writing anything about how I fish. I hope you find it informative and maybe you learned a thing or two! Good luck out there and tight lines.


About Author

Dan Hemminger is a guest writer for Rippton, an enthusiastic angler from Wyoming USA.


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