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What is a Bait Boat and Why Are They Useful?

By: Phillip Ray McGuinty



Well, all of you must have heard about the all-new bait boats, the newest happening thing in the fishing world. Many of have surely heard of it but are really not sure about its functioning etc. however, to many of you this may be brand new news and so we are here for all of you, to provide more information on this topic. A bait boat is nothing more than a little watercraft that has been designed to make fishing easier for you. Instead of the baits that you had to distribute earlier, now you can just use the bait boat and do the same with better results.

There are many reasons for which you may like to use a bait boat. Let us start with the most primary and the most preliminary of all the reasons. But before this, you will have to know which types of fishes are caught using these boats. The fishes that are generally targeted are carps and it is said that these boats are so efficient that they have enabled the up-haul of carps which were no less than seventy kilograms in weight. As such these boats, no matter how small in size, have a great capacity for the attraction of fishes for you easy catch.

Now, how are these boats useful? In earlier times what did you do? Distribute baits of food and living insects all over the water area and the cast your line accordingly. You had to mentally judge where the fishes would cluster more and then take a boat, sit at that spot for hours at end and catch maybe one of two big fishes. With the coming of this particular system of baiting the fishes through these boats, the entire technique has changed.



Now, you just place your baits inside the little, palm sized boat and wait. These boats have the capacity to scientifically measure the areas of fish concentration. They have an inbuilt sound system equipped with radar that sends signals to the remote control. The remote control is the device with which you manoeuvre and direct/ command your boat. When you reach such a spot where there is such a concentration of fish, when you release the bait. The boat has flash lights that blink during release of bait material. Later you can go and grab the fishes without even the slightest suspicion on their part.

As such, a lot of your bait is being saved. Instead of the indiscriminate bait throwing and gauging of fish presence you now have optimisation of bait usage and accurate details of fish concentration. Also, the bait boat lets you reach areas and release baits where you would never be able to reach, amongst the weeds and sand.

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