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The Best Waterproof Fishing Drone With Camera


Catch More And Bigger Fish With MOBULA, the Fishing Drone
3kg Baits Casting1.5km RangeAutopilot

Model Overview

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The MOBULA is a waterproof fishing drone for professional fishing purposes. It consists of a drone (with a built-in fishing drone camera for spotting fish as well as a drone fishing line release), a controller with an LCD screen, and a mobile device clamp. The most important features of this RC fishing drone with camera are the auto-casting function and the berley/drone fishing line release function.


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Model Features

Large Payload and Long Distance
With a max 2.5KG payload, MOBULA is capable of flying with your lines and baits attached. You can use the fishing drone bait release function to drop baits in inaccessible deeper waters which can be as far as 1.5KM away. With the help of drone fishing line release, fishing can become much smarter!
Smart and Precise
MOBULA can be controlled with the remote controller for fishing drone bait release. Remote control fishing drones can give a more precise understanding of the fish hiding beyond casting distance, and allow you to control the drone fishing line release. This fishing drone can also be controlled through connection with our mobile App "RIPPTON". GPS enables you to fly like a pro and release baited hooks precisely where you want.
High Thrust
Powerful propulsion system enables MOBULA to finish casting a set line with 20 baited hooks and 60 oz sinkers and to return to base within 5 minutes
Compact and Light
MOBULA comes with a backpack. Whenever you want to start a drone fishing trip, pack up your remote control fishing drone with camera and you can hit the road with only 5.6kgs of weight on your back.
MOBULA is a sturdy drone that can sustain everyday wear and tear. The waterproof fishing drone bait release allows you to perform your job better. It is designed to be the best waterproof fishing drone - splash-resistant, and windproof to work in all-weather flying.
Easy to Fly
By reading through the instructions manuals, you will find this remote control fishing drone bait release is super easy to operate even if you are a beginner of using RC fishing drone.


Waterproof Fishing Drone With Camera
  • Device Name:    MOBULA Smart Fishing Drone
  • Weight:    5.6 kg
  • Dimensions:    630 x 608 x 225 mm (Propeller Closed)
  • Propeller:    17 inches
  • Max Speed:    20 knots
  • Max Payload:    2.5 kg
  • Max Wind Resistance:    20 knots
  • Protection Level:    Splash Resistance
  • Operating Temperature:    -10 ºC to 60 ºC
  • Satellite Systems:    GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO
  • *Suggested Casting Radius (With Payload):    0~1.5 km
  • MOBULA Remote Controller LCD Screen:    5.5 inches
  • Max Transmission Distance (Unobstructed, Free of Interference):    2 km
  • MOBULA Smart Battery Capacity:    10,000 mAh
User-Friendly Operating System
  • User-Friendly Operating System

    A choice of autopilot modes for satisfying various needs and a precise GPS history of every location you have ever chosen.

  • 1.5KM Casting Range

    Taking advantage of MOBULA’s 1.5km casting range, a fight with a pelagic fish may start from an offshore point that you once dreamed about but never actually considered possible for surf or pier fishing. By using the bundled app, a standard 600 meter deployment task could be done in 5 minutes including return time.

1.5KM Casting Range
2.5KM Max Payload
  • 2.5KM Max Payload

    MOBULA is capable of handling much more than just the extra weight of fishing line, berley and sinker! For instance, you can still add heavier baited hooks and precisely drop them at your chosen coordinate.

  • 2KM Digital Live Image Transmission

    MOBULA will never let you down by leaving you with a screen full of black and white “snow” due to a bad analog signal. MOBULA promises that “How far you can go, is how far you can see!”

2KM Digital Live Image Transmission
High Level of Wind and Splash Resistant Performance
  • High Level of Wind and Splash Resistant Performance

    ven when encountering unexpected rough weather in your fishing journey, MOBULA will continue to surprise you with its reliable performance.

  • Three Releasing Devices

    A thoughtfully designed deployment system able to release baits and berley separately.

Three Releasing Devices
Polarized Lenses
  • Polarized Lenses

    Allow you to see the fish hiding in the shallow water.

  • One-Step Replaceable Smart Battery

    A more accurate battery reading without having to calculate voltage yourself and no need for a screwdriver to remove your battery.

One-Step Replaceable Smart Battery
Foldable Arms
  • Foldable Arms

    Easy to carry the drone on your back for going anywhere.

Package including



The MOBULA is the best waterproofing fishing drone. It is also a fishing drone with bait release function. Its built-in fishing drone camera allows you to record your whole flight. The MOBULA is used for aiding in the precise placement of fish baits. Anglers will hang the bait and then manipulate the fishing drone bait release to fly over the ocean. After that, with the help of the fishing drone camera, the fishing drone bait release will cast the bait close to the fish.
A REMOTE CONTROL FISHING DRONE WITH HANDS-FREE AUTOPILOT Set a way point on your Rippton App and Mobula will take off. Simply deploy payload, return, and land without touching the controller. The Mobula can take your baits to your exact way point and drop baits with the drone fishing line release while you are watching.
CAST FURTHER WITH FISHING DRONE BAIT RELEASE Cast baits further with Mobula. You can choose Manual or AutoPilot mode safely to 1500m with this remote control fishing drone.
A FISHING DRONE WITH BIG PAYLOAD You can carry more hooks and bigger baits with 2.5kg max payload, which is suitable for 25 hooks at most.
FISHING DRONE CAMERA This best waterproof fishing drone with camera allows you to watch live streaming with the 720P polarized camera. The 90-degree axis of this fishing drone camera helps you spot fish and check your payload.
DESIGNED FOR THE JOB WITH FISHING DRONE BAIT RELEASE Specifically designed for the harsh fishing environment, this best waterproof fishing drone with bait release is able to float and also fly comfortably in up to 20 knots of wind.
THREE RELEASING DEVICES This remote control fishing drone with bait release has 3 separate release mechanisms. You can either take your drone fishing line release out or other payloads like berley or floats. As a RC fishing drone, it is easy to use even for beginners.
SELF PROTECTION SYSTEM OF THE FISHING DRONE In high winds, or when the RC fishing drone with bait release is overloaded with too much weight, the Mobula will release the payloads and return home. Built-in safety features prevent Mobula from crashing. Mobula will automatically return and land when the battery becomes low.
SMART BATTERY This best waterproof fishing drone with bait release is equipped with a 10000maH battery which easily clips in and out of it. You do not need to open the drone or even use screwdrivers while fishing on the beach. You can also check the battery level outside the drone as this smart battery also has a battery level display. In this way, you can also easily check if your fishing drone camera is fully charged.
1) 10000mah battery
2) Max 15mins flight time
3) Can be fully charged in 3 hours
4) Smart battery can prevent overloads
5) Very easy to be replaced
FOLDABLE & PORTABLE REMOTE CONTROL FISHING DRONE You can take this fishing drone with you anywhere you want. Although being equipped with a fishing drone camera and a drone fishing line release, this remote control fishing drone is still foldable and portable. This can allow you to take this RC fishing drone with bait release for fishing easily and also store it completely at ease with its simple and slick design.
With the fishing drone camera, you can use it to search and locate good fishing spots. You can take quality videos during the whole flight and by the time you control your drone fishing line release, you can even discover how the fish reacts to your bait. Additionally, you can come back to your desired spots much more easily for the next adventure.
We are the best waterproof fishing drone while we also take one step further than our competitors with built in safety measures to prevent crashes.
This waterproof fishing drone is IP56 Rated. Products with IP56 have undergone stringent tests, proving that they are well protected against the quantity of dust which could possibly affect the normal operation of the products while they are not fully dust-tight. The products are also completely protected against solid objects and against powerful water jets, but are not waterproof when fully submerged in the water for an extended period of time. Mobula is able to float and can hence prevent it from becoming submersed. However, if this remote control fishing drone unit loses its buoyant properties due to crashing, this rc fishing drone would risk becoming submerged.
1) Special buoyant design with IP56 water resistance
2) Able to automatically return and land when battery gets low
3) Safety release when the motor gets overloaded. Payload will be released if it becomes too windy or when Mobula feels that the payload is too heavy
4) In case of snag or birds nest, Mobula will have sudden jerk payload release
5) Able to fly in high winds of up to 20 knots


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